Monday, June 22, 2009

Weird Canned Food quickly and fast. If everyone know this product, I think Burger King or Mc D will close their business. HEehehe
Yummy.. scorpion is very crunchy. ( I never ever eat this food)

The price range depending on the brand, expect to pay around $5 for this can of tongues

If you hate crocodile, try this. Only available in Thailand.

Very High Cholesterol. See the label before you buy. easy to catch a snake in the cans.

If you wear a silk, please try this to make sure your body will shine or soft like a silk. - Canned silkworm Puppae

Canned Fish Mouths.

Canned meats generally don't put a rumbly in our tumbly, but in a pinch, perhaps in the event of a major cataclysm, we'd throw down with some Vienna Sausages. However, this canned chicken takes the canned-meat cake. The impossibly tiny chicken crammed into this 50-ounce can slides out with a generous portion of gelatinous goop, or rather, "delicious gravy.

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