Friday, June 26, 2009

Ranking Of Country Strength

The GFP final ranking is based on an in-house formula used to generate an average of all applicable statistics found on this website when compared against each country with applicable modifiers (bonuses and penalties) added to each nations score to present a more accurate list. The last major statistics review was in February of 2009. The GFP ranking list was updated in May of 2009. Changes to the list now include factors for current/recent military experiences, training levels and equipment quality. Denmark, South Africa and Georgia are new-adds bringing the country total to 42 nations.

Enjoy the numbers! It is hardly a super-accurate scientific measurement of military strengths but still entertaining to consider at the very least.

Rank 1-10 Observations: The United States (GFP formula value of 0.184) remains the undisputed leader of our list thanks to their staying "active" in global hotspots, showcasing the world's largest navy and continuing to poor in gobs of money into defense. Our formula sees China edge out Russia but only by the slimmest of margins (0.238 versus 0.241 respectively) with an edge in available manpower and financial capital. France (0.636) and Germany (0.672) are relative equals for the most part but the GFP formula gives a slight edge to France thanks to an aircraft carrier and capable navy as well as a bump in defense spending. Brazil (0.756) is the most powerful South American country on the list thanks to available manpower and a capable navy. Japan (0.920) is a "sleeper" power that sneaks into the top ten with a good navy, strong logistical infrastructure and capital.

Rank 11-20 Observations: Our formula provides for a good disparity between North and South Korea, placing South well-ahead of the North thanks to better infrastructure and capital. Mexico's placement this high on the list is interesting to note - it scored a good balance across the board in all major categories. Israel finally gets a proper placement on this year's list - just out of the top ten - sporting a strong land army with equally strong training, modern equipment and recent combat experience.

Rank 21-30 Observations: No surprises here. A basic collection of modern armies of generally equal strengths.

Rank 31-42 Observations: The bottom of the list features two rebuilding nations (Iraq and Afghanistan) as well as two "recovering" nations (Georgia and Lebanon) along with powers that generally stay relatively quiet.

Old Rank Order (from #1 - #39): USA, Russia, China, India, Germany, France, Japan, Turkey, Brazil, UK, Italy, South Korea, Indonesia, Mexico, Canada, Iran, Egypt, North Korea, Spain, Pakistan, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Argentina, Sweden, Israel, Greece, Taiwan, Syria, Philippines, Poland, Ukraine, Norway, Iraq, Libya, Venezuela, Lebanon, Nepal and Afghanistan.

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