Monday, June 8, 2009


Recently, I enter one Contest called as Blog Hunter which is organized by FCUTEAM. All the sponsors are the local blogger who are the owner of FCU Miracle Blog, Home Decoonline blog, Anisshop Blog and Daus Via Entertainment Blog.

In fact,this competition involved several phases which required participant to face it patiently and calm. I'm the one participant that very patient and of calm down when searching the answers.

During seeking the answers, there were some difficulty I faced. For example:
  1. Blog - there are several blog that need to wholly read before you can found the answers.
  2. Time - I have no time to read all the blog, so i decided to choose certain question to be answered
  3. Period - I do searching in one day only for answering 74 questions.
  4. Connection - Because I have a basic streamyx,so the internet is slower so, if the blog is so heavy, I will wait it until it finish loading.
  5. PC - Because I share PC with my wife, so I can not do searching the answers all of the time. So, I had a minimal time to complete the questions.

Lastly, I think this is a part of difficulty that I had faced. But I think experiences of reading others blog make me more informative and know how to meet users requirement in order to enhance my blog. I am glad that I am one of 20 winners. Syukran. Thanks to all blogger that visit my blog and please fill free to visit my new blogshop


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