Monday, June 29, 2009

10 Weird Food Facts

10 Weird Food Facts

These weird food facts may surprise you. Today, there are many diets available to loose weight, lower cholesterol, or even decrease heart disease risks. Some of these diets are just plain silly, while others pose a danger. Let's take a look...

Here are the 10 Weird Food Facts...

  1. A high protein diet will cause the loss of calcium.


Excessive protein results in the body becoming acidic. To balance the pH levels, calcium is used. The calcium is then excreted in the urine. You only need about 40 to 60 grams of protein a day, depending on your weight. That's about 1.5 to 2 ounces. This would be higher in the athlete, but even they can overdue it.

  1. Soybeans contain phytoestrogens.

These are plant sterols that closely resemble human steroid hormones. The phytoestrogens are close enough to estrogen to be able to fit on your estrogen receptors. A healthy balanced diet of organic whole foods can act to balance your hormones.

The problem is with the amount of soybeans and soybean based products many people consume with the idea that it is good for them. Yes, it can be good. But an excessive amount of these phytoestrogens will also cause hormonal imbalances.

  1. Healthy intestinal bacteria comes from probiotics.

You have healthy bacteria in your intestines. These act to help in food digestion, manufacturing of B Vitamins and to keep hormones in balance.

  1. Your body needs fat.

Essential fatty acids are used by your body and must be obtained from your diet. Without them you would be lethargic, fatigued, and your skin would shrivel up.

  1. A low fat diet will lead to illness.

This is above dispute. Lacking are the essential fatty acids. Your body will be starving for nutrients.

A low fat diet also makes it more difficult to loose weight. Just like you wouldn't want to give up your last dollar, your body acts to try and save the fat it does have.

  1. Aspartame causes weight gain.

Weight conscious people often use the artificial sweetener, aspartame. The weird food fact here is that aspartame has slow steady weight gain as a side effect.

  1. Hydrogenated oils contain no essential fatty acids.

These are man-made and harmful. Hydrogenated fats are nutrient deficient because of the heavy processing used to manufacture it

  1. Hydrogenated oils inhibit the body's ability to absorb nutrients from other sources.

So, not only do they not have nutrients, they also prevent you from using the nutrients from the other foods you eat.

  1. HFCS (High Fructose Corn Syrup)is man made.

It can cause food cravings for foods that contain it.

  1. Live active cultures are a natural antibiotic that acts to destroy unhealthy bacterial in the intestines.

Yogurt made with live active cultures is a great source for this disease fighting hero.

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