Monday, August 17, 2009

Cyberbabies : Can it be?

This question created by the "fear" guy that make an "internet Sex" with his girl via online.

Funny Pics: What is this guy doing?

Arghh.... (please choose your answers)

1) I need to go to toilet
2) Yes...yeah. Ah.urm...(think it)
3) Why this is happen to me? why?
4) Don't know (buat dono jer)

Please is depend on your imagination.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Shopping Pun Dapat Duit?

Isi Minyak Pun Dapat Duit?

Kenapa..Tidak Percaya?

Sistem ganjaran bagi setiap perbelanjaan sudah lama diamalkan, tetapi kini sesuai dengan peredaran zaman buat pertama kali, setiap sen yang anda belanjakan, akan menerima ganjaran dalam bentuk RM selain itu anda juga berpeluang menjana pendapatan sampingan sehingga RM50,000 setiap bulan!

Inilah yang dikatakan Revolusi baru dalam perniagaan.


Layari dengan klik di bawah untuk detail

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Butterfly Men

Thousands of people looked at pictures of the Firestone Fairy
An April Fool's Day prankster has sold the mummified remains of a "dead fairy" for nearly £300.

Magicians' prop maker Dan Baines, 31, from London, was flooded with e-mails on 1 April when he published pictures of his creation online.

He claimed a dog walker had found the tiny corpse at Firestone Hill in Duffield, Derbyshire.

Mr Baines, formerly of Derby, later admitted it was a hoax, but sold the fairy on an internet site for £280.

There are still a lot of people who believe it's real
Dan Baines, April Fools' Day hoaxer

An account on his website read: "The 8in remains, complete with wings, skin, teeth and flowing red hair, have been examined by anthropologists and forensic experts who can confirm the body is genuine."

Conspiracy theorists did not believe him when he admitted the convincing model was a hoax, he said.

He said: "There are still a lot of people who believe it's real. It's started quite a lot of conspiracy theories. One claims that the fact I revealed it was a hoax was because of government pressure to stop people digging the ground up."

The model attracted nearly 40 bids when advertised on the internet and the highest at the close of the sale was made by a private art collector in the United States.

Mr Baines said he had become addicted to April Fool's jokes and is not ruling out similar pranks in the future.

Facts about Ladybugs

There are nearly 5,000 different kinds of ladybugs worldwide and 400 which live in North America.
A female ladybug will lay more than 1000 eggs in her lifetime.
A ladybug beats its wings 85 times a second when it flies.
Aphids are a ladybug's favorite food.
Ladybugs chew from side to side and not up and down like people do.
A gallon jar will hold from 72,000 to 80,000 ladybugs.
Ladybugs make a chemical that smells and tastes terrible so that birds and other predators won't eat them.
If you squeeze a ladybug it will bite you, but the bite won't hurt.
The spots on a ladybug fade as the ladybug gets older.
During hibernation, ladybugs feed on their stored fat.
Ladybugs won't fly if the temperature is below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
The ladybug is the official state insect of Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Ohio, and Tennessee.
The male ladybug is usually smaller than the female.
The Asian Lady Beetle can live up to 2-3 years if the conditions are right.

Weird - Man arrested for barking at Michigan police dog

Authorities said a man has been arrested in for barking at a police dog. The Three Rivers Police Department said officers responded Monday evening to an apartment complex to investigate a suspicious situation.

Police said Wednesday in a statement a 26-year-old man in the area "began to torment" a police dog inside the patrol car by barking and shouting at it, causing the animal to become excited and "very aggressive."

The man was arrested and later released on bond. He faces a charge of disorderly conduct.

Brain reunited With Body

Michael Jackson’s brain has been reunited with his body.

Coroners temporarily removed Jackson’s brain last month for additional testing after surrendering the rest of his body.

Los Angeles County Assistant Chief coroner Ed Winter confirmed yesterday that his office had returned the entirety of Jackson’s remains to his family. “They have it [all],” he told the New York Post.


Friday, August 7, 2009

$20.1 billion home by Mukesh Ambani

Mumbai - Mukesh Ambani, India's wealthiest resident, is building a 60-story vertical palace in Mumbai, complete with a helipad, swimming pool and space to park about 170 cars.

Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries and No. 14 on Forbes' list of the world's richest people--with a fortune we estimate at $20.1 billion--is reportedly spending $1 billion for the home in posh south Mumbai.

"Like many families with the means to do so, the Ambanis wanted to build a custom home. They consulted with architecture firms Perkins + Will and Hirsch Bedner Associates, the designers behind the Mandarin Oriental, based in Dallas and Los Angeles, respectively," the report said. "Plans were then drawn up for what will be the world's largest and most expensive home: a 27-story skyscraper in downtown Mumbai with a cost nearing 2 billion dollars."

According to Forbes, Mukesh, along with his wife Nita Ambani and three children, currently live in a 22-story Mumbai tower.

Facts about this ‘house’..

3 helipads on top. Mumbai corporation has not given permission for making this operational yet.
- Hanging gardens within the structure
- Swimming pool within the structure
- A two storey Health centre
- Parking space for 168 cars (6 floors). I initially thought that meant there will be a mini office in
the building but apparently that is not the case. All these cars will belong to Mukesh Ambani!
Just in case you are interested, he drives a 5 crore Maybach now.
- A floor exclusively for servicing these automobiles within the building.
- A floor for Home theatre – sitting capacity of 50
- The house will have a staff of 600 (sic) to do the maintenance activities. That gives a ratio of 1:100 for people living in the house and those who are paid to take care of it. The six lucky (?) ones are the man himself, his wife, his 3 children and his mother Kokilaben. The family will be moving in from their old home ‘Sea Wind’ which was a 14 floor building at Cuffe Parade.

List of The Highest Mountain In The World

Everest8.848Nepal/Tibet Asia

K-28.611Pakistan Asia

Kangchenjunga8.586Nepal/India Asia

Lhotse8.511Nepal Asia

Makalu8.463Nepal/Tibet Asia

Cho Oyu8.201Nepal/Tibet Asia

Dhaulagiri8.167Nepal Asia

Manaslu8.163Nepal Asia

Nanga Parbat8.125Pakistan Asia

Annapurna8.091Nepal Asia

Gasherbrum I8.068Pakistan Asia

Broad Peak8.047Pakistan Asia

Gasherbrum II8.035Pakistan Asia

Xixabangma Feng (Gosainthan) 8.012China/Nepal Asia

Distaghil Sar7.885Pakistan Asia

Kunyang Chhist7.852Pakistan Asia

Masherbrum7.820Pakistan Asia

Nanda Devi7.816India Asia

Aling Kangri7.815Tibet Asia

Rakaposhi7.788Pakistan Asia

Batura7.785Pakistan Asia

Namjagbarwa Feng7.756Tibet Asia

Kamet7.756India Asia

Kamet7.756Tibet/India Asia

Muztagh Ata7.546China Asia

Saltoro Kangri7.742Pakistan Asia

Muztag7.723China Asia

Trivor7.720Pakistan Asia

Konkur7.719China Asia

Tirich Mir7.690Pakistan Asia

Chogolisa7.654Pakistan Asia

Shispar7.619Pakistan Asia

Gongga (Minya Konka)7.555China Asia

Kula Kangri7.553BhutanAsia

Muztaghata7.546China Asia

Qullai Ismaili Somoni/ Qullai Kommunizma7.495Tajikistan Asia

Nowshak 7.485Afghanistan Asia

Jengish Chokusu/ Pik Pobeda7.439China/Kyrgyzstan Asia

Haramosh7.406Pakistan Asia

Ultar7.398Pakistan Asia

Chomo Lhari7.313Bhutan/Tibet Asia

Malubiting7.291Pakistan Asia

Ogre (Baintha Brak)7.285Pakistan Asia

Minipin7.273Pakistan Asia

Langtang Lirung7.245Nepal Asia

Ganesh Himal7.150Nepal Asia

Kampire Dior7.142Pakistan Asia

Nun Kun7.135India Asia

Pik Lenina7.134Tajikistan Asia

Baruntse7.129Tibet Asia

Pik Korzhenevskoj7.105Tajikistan Asia

Jugal Himal7.083Nepal Asia

Urgend II 7.060Afghanistan Asia

Kinjiroba7.045Nepal Asia

Khan Tengri6.995Kyrgyzstan Asia

Langtang Himal (Kyungka Ri)6.979Nepal Asia

Aconcagua6.962Argentina South America

Yamit6.940Afghanistan Asia

Ojos del Salado6.880Chile South America

Koyo Zom6.872Pakistan Asia

Bonete6.872Argentina South America

Ama Dablam6.856Nepal Asia

Tirgaran6.843Afghanistan Asia

Mercedario6.770Argentina/Chile South America

Huascaran6.768Peru South America

Tirgaran6.755Afghanistan Asia

Llullaillaco6.723Argentina/Chile South America

El Libertador6.720Argentina South America

Mt Kailash6.714Tibet Asia

Ghul Laast6.665Pakistan Asia

Jaonli6.632India Asia

Koheandaras6.628Afghanistan Asia

Yerupaja6.617Peru South America

Gangotri - I6.600India Asia

Bremeh6.575India Asia

Tupungato6.550Argentina/Chile South America

Sajama6.542Bolivia South America

Lasht6.504Afghanistan Asia

Illimani6.439Bolivia South America

East Ridge of Hiunchuli6.441Nepal Asia

Ancohuma6.427Bolivia South America

Coropuna6.400Peru South America

Huantsan6.395Peru South America

Huandoy6.395Peru South America

El Toro6.380Argentina/Chile South America

Ausangate6.372Peru South America

Illampu6.362Bolivia South America

Ampato6.360Peru South America

Cerro Palermo6.350Argentina South America

Las Tortolas6.332Argentina/Chile South America

Parinacota6.330Bolivia South America

Chimborazo6.310Ecuador South America

Chinchey (Rurichichay)6.309Peru South America

Juncal6.300Chile/Argentina South America

Marmolejo6.300Chile/Argentina South America

General Belgrano6.300Argentina South America

Anyemaqen6.282China Asia

Salcantay6.271Peru South America

Olivares6.252Argentina/Chile South America

Sigunaiang6.250China Asia

Pomerape6.240Bolivia South America

Chani6.200Argentina South America

Aucanquilcha6.200Bolivia/Chile South America

Huayna Potosi6.194Bolivia South America

McKinley6.194Alaska North America

Callaqui6.164Argentina/Chile South America

Ranrapallca6.162Peru South America

Stok Kangri6.137India Asia

Queva6.130Argentina South America

Chearoco6.127Bolivia South America

Quemado6.120Argentina South America

Chaupi Orco6.100Peru South America

Chachacumani6.094Bolivia South America

Solimani6.093Peru South America

Copiapo6.080Argentina/Chile South America

Pumasillo6.070Peru South America

Guallatiri6.060Bolivia South America

Chachani6.057Peru South America

Acotango6.050Bolivia South America

Cienaga6.030Argentina South America

Nevado Acay6.000Argentina South America

Tacora5.988Bolivia South America

Sairecabur5.971Chile South America

Kilimanjaro5.895Tanzania Africa

Logan5.951Canada North America

AlpaMayo5.947Peru South America

Licancabur5.921Bolivia/Chile South America

Ticlla5.897Peru South America

Cotopaxi5.896Ecuador South America

Hkakabo Razi5.881Burma Asia

Mururata5.868Bolivia South America

Volcan San Jose5.850Chile/Argentina South America

Cayambe5.840Ecuador South America

El Misti5.822Peru South America

Champara5.795Peru South America

Simon Bolivar5.776Colombia South America

Cristobal Colon5.776Colombia South America

Citlaltepetl (el Pico de Orizaba)5.754Mexico North America

Antisana5.753Ecuador South America

Huaycay Huilque5.750Peru South America

Gigante Grande5.748Bolivia South America

Urusa5.735Peru South America

Tunshu5.730Peru South America

Cashan5.723Peru South America

Cayesh5.721Peru South America

Santa Rosa5.706Peru South America

Murrorajo5.688Peru South America

Machu Sochi Conchi5.679Bolivia South America

Lascar5.675Chile South America

Damavand5.671Iran Asia

Raujunte5.650Peru South America

Condoriri5.648Bolivia South America

Elbrus5.633Russia Europe

Soral Oeste5.640Bolivia South America

Katantica5.592Bolivia South America

Jallacata5.557Peru South America

Surihuiri5.556Peru South America

Yankho Huyo5.512Bolivia South America

Ritacuba Blanco5.493Colombia South America

Mt St Elias5.490Canada North America

Castillo5.485Argentina/Chile South America

Yana Cuchilla5.472Peru South America

El Altar (Obispo)5.465Ecuador South America

Chinchina5.463Peru South America

Popocatepetl5.452Mexico North America

Cerro El Plomo5.450Chile South America

Cerro Burro5.450Peru South America

Bogda Shan5.447China Asia

Cunurana5.420Peru South America

Pico Mayor5.365Colombia South America

Aricoma5.350Peru South America

Nevado El Ruiz5.335Colombia South America

Iliniza Sur5.305Ecuador South America

Foraker5.303Alaska North America

Cerro Quenamari5.294Peru South America

Volcan Maipo5.290Argentina/Chile South America

Ixaccihuatl5.286Mexico North America

San Julian5.275Peru South America

Sangay5.230Ecuador South America

Lucania5.228Canada North America

El Altar5.222Chile South America

Tolima5.215Colombia South America

Rustaveli5.201Georgia Europe

Batian Peak (Mt Kenya)5.201Kenya Africa

San Francisco5.200Chile South America

Morado5.200Chile South America

Kirinyaga5.200Kenya Africa

Dykh-Tau5.198Georgia Europe

Nelion5.190Kenya Africa

Sosneado5.189Argentina/Chile South America

Mt Ararat (Buyukagri Dagi)5.165Turkey Asia

Shah Fuladi5.143Afganistan Asia

Vinson Massif5.140Antarctica The Poles

Margherita Peak5.119Zaire/Uganda Africa

Iliniza Norte5.116Ecuador South America

Stanley5.110Uganda/Zaire Africa

Cerro Negro5.100Chile South America

Cerro Guane Guane5.097Chile South America

Tungurahua5.087Ecuador South America

Steele5.074Canada North America

Kazbek5.047Georgia Europe

Mt Blackburn5.037Alaska North America

Puncak Jaya5.030Indonesia/ New Guinea Oceania

Pico Bolivar5.007Venezuela South America

Mt Bona5.006Alaska North America

La Paloma5.000Chile South America

Mt Sanford4.941Alaska North America

Mt Speke4.890Zaire/Uganda Africa

Naga Pulu4.862Indonesia Oceania

Mt Baker4.844Zaire/Uganda Africa

Mt Wood4.843Canada North America

Alum Kuh4.840Iran Asia

Sabalon Kuh4.821Iran Asia

Monte Bianco4.807France/Italy Europe

Mt Emin4.792Zaire/Uganda Africa

Mt Vancouver4.786Canada North America

Pico Espejoe4.765Venezuela South America

Volcan de Purace4.756Colombia South America

Trikora4.751Indonesia/ New Guinea Asia

Klyuchevskaya4.750Russia Europe

Shakhak 4.750Iran Asia

Mt Gessi4.717Zaire/Uganda Africa

Khersan 4.710Iran Asia

Ushba4.710Georgia Europe

Mandala4.701Indonesia/ New Guinea Asia

Mt Fairweather4.671Canada/Alaska North America

Teyotl4.660Mexico North America

Ras Dashen4.620Ethiopia Africa

Takht-e-Solaiman 4.659Iran Asia

Monte Rosa4.634Italy/Switzerland Europe

Mt Savoia4.627Zaire/Uganda Africa

Siah Sang 4.600Iran Asia

Marjinkesh 4.580Iran Asia

Meru4.565Tanzania Africa

Nevado de Toluca4.564Mexico North America

Mt Hubbard4.558Canada North America

Zardeh4.548Iran Asia

Dom4.545Switzerland/Italy Europe

Haftkhan 4.537Iran Asia

Kirkpatrick4.528Antarctica The Poles

Mt Bear4.527Canada North America

Chaloun 4.516Iran Asia

Mt Wilhelm4.510Papua New Guinea Oceania

Karisimbi4.507Rwanda/Zaire Africa

Mt Belukha4.506Russia Asia

Mt Walsh4.506Canada North America

Weisshorn4.505Switzerland Europe

Siah Kamaan 4.504Iran Asia

Rostamnisht 4.500Iran Asia

Siahgug 4.500Iran Asia

Cervino (Matterhorn)4.478Italy/Switzerland Europe

Waynobar4.472Ethiopia Africa

Shanehkouh 4.465Iran Asia

Dena4.450Iran Asia

La Malinche4.461Mexico North America

Tliltepetl4.453Mexico North America

Tzapotepetl4.450Mexico North America

Hunter4.445Alaska North America

Mikeno4.437Rwanda/Zaire Africa

Buahit4.437Ethiopia Africa

Suphan Dagi4.434Turkey Europe

Mt Alverstone4.421Canada North America

Hazar4.420Iran Asia

Mt Whitney4.421California North America

Abba Yared4.416Ethiopia Africa

Kalahoo 4.412Iran Asia

Mt Elbert4.399Colorado North America

Mt Massive4.396Colorado North America

Mt Harvard4.395Colorado North America

Mt Rainier4.393Washington North America

Portal Peaks4.391Zaire/Uganda Africa

Williamson4.384California North America

Menareh 4.378Iran Asia

Kholeno4.375Iran Asia

Azadkuh4.375Iran Asia

Paloun Gardan4.375Iran Asia

Mt Blanca4.373Colorado North America

La Plata4.370Colorado North America

Giluwe4.368Papua New Guinea Oceania

Uncompahgre4.362Colorado North America

Crestone Peak4.357Colorado North America

Dente Blanche4.357Switzerland/Italy Europe

Mt Lincoln4.355Colorado North America

Mischigu4.352Ethiopia Africa

Grays Peak4.351Colorado North America

Lalezaar 4.351Iran Asia

Gardounkouh 4.350Iran Asia

Torreys Peak4.350Colorado North America

Mt Antero4.350Colorado North America

Nazer4.350Iran Asia

Mt Evans4.349Colorado North America

Castle Peak4.349Colorado North America

Longs Peak4.345Colorado North America

Mt Quandary4.345Colorado North America

Mt Wilson4.343Colorado North America

White Mountain4.342California North America

North Palisade4.341California North America

Mt Shavano4.338Colorado North America

Mt Princeton4.328Colorado North America

Polemonium Peak 4.328California North America

Starlight 4.328California North America

Nadelhorn4.327Switzerland/Italy Europe

Crestone Needle4.326Colorado North America

Borj 4.325Iran Asia

Elgon4.321Kenya/Uganda Africa

Mt Bross4.320Colorado North America

Dokhaharaan 4.318Iran Asia

El Diente4.317Colorado North America

Mt Shasta4.317California North America

Mt Tabequache4.316Colorado North America

Mt Sill4.314California North America

Sneffels4.314Colorado North America

Grand Combin4.314Switzerland/Italy Europe

Mt Democrat4.311Colorado North America

Pikes Peak4.302Colorado North America

Tres Hermans4.300Chile South America

Cerro Arenas4.300Chile South America

Kit Carson Peak4.299Colorado North America

Snowmass Mountain4.296Colorado North America

Windom4.295Colorado North America

Mt Eolus4.294Colorado North America

Lenspitze4.294Switzerland/Italy Europe

Mt Russell4.293California North America

Mt Humbolt4.291Colorado North America

Mt Sunlight4.286Colorado North America

Split Mountain4.286California North America

Handies4.283Colorado North America

Culebra Peak4.282Colorado North America

Mt Lindsey4.281Colorado North America

Mt Sherman4.279Colorado North America

Mt Little Bear4.279Colorado North America

Redcloud4.279Colorado North America

Mt Pyramid4.275Colorado North America

Finsteraarhorn4.274Switzerland Europe

Wetterhorn4.273Colorado North America

Wilson Peak4.273Colorado North America

North Maroon Bell4.272Colorado North America

Mt San Luis4.272Colorado North America

Holy Cross4.269Colorado North America

Sunshine4.268Colorado North America

HarzehKouh 4.265Iran Asia

Mt Humphreys4.264California North America

Mt Stewart4.263Colorado North America

Lashgarak 4.256Iran Asia

Kherschal 4.253Iran Asia

Mitionchal 4.253Iran Asia

Ghareh Dagh 4.250Iran Asia

DoBerar 4.250Iran Asia

Siyalan 4.250Iran Asia

Cofre de Perote4.250Mexico North America

Mt Kennedy4.238Canada North America

Kamankouh 4.234Iran Asia

Zard Kouh4.221 Iran Asia

Divchal 4.220Iran Asia

Tajumulco4.220Guatemala North America

Chichimeco4.220Mexico North America

Mt Iron Nipple4.216Colorado North America

Kooloon Bastak4.210Iran Asia

Siounza 4.208Iran Asia

Gannett Peak4.208Wyoming North America

Jorasses4.208Italy/France Europe

Mauna Kea4.205Hawaii North America

Sarkharsang 4.203Iran Asia

Grand Teton4.197Wyoming North America

Aletschhorn4.195Switzerland Europe

Yakhchal 4.194Iran Asia

Mt Morgan4.191California North America

Mt Hayes4.189Alaska North America

Dent d'Herens4.171Switzerland/Italy Europe

Mauna Loa4.170Hawaii North America

Toubkal4.165Morocco Africa

Mt Tom4.162California North America

Breithorn4.159Switzerland/Italy Europe

Tlaloc4.158Mexico North America

University Peak4.156California North America

Sarakchal 4.156Iran Asia

Oshtoran Kuh4.150 Iran Asia

Gelyasm (Resko)4.136Turkey Europe

Muhavura4.127Rwanda/Zaire Africa

Kings Peak4.124Utah North America

Schiwana4.120Ethiopia Africa

Buzul (Suppadurek)4.116Turkey Europe

Naz o Kahar 4.108Iran Asia

Jungfrau4.105Switzerland Europe

Narges 4.103Iran Asia

Pic Lori4.102France Europe

Catedral4.100Chile South America

Kal 4.100Iran Asia

Cerro Retumbadero4.100Chile South America

Mönch4.099Switzerland Europe

Mt Gilbert4.098Utah North America

Mt Emmons4.097Utah North America

Cameroun4.095Cameroon Africa

Kinabalu4.094Malaysia Oceania

Wind River Peak4.085Wyoming North America

Schreckhorn4.078Switzerland Europe

Ober-Gabelhorn4.063Switzerland/Italy Europe

Kahno 4.062Iran Asia

Gran Paradiso4.061Italy Europe

Black Mt4.051California North America

Diente del Diablo4.050Chile South America

Pik Bernina4.049Switzerland/Italy Europe

Taftan4.042 Iran Asia

Kharsoun 4.040Iran Asia

Mt Victoria4.038Papua New Guinea Oceania

Mt Loveina4.030Utah North America

Krestovski4.030Russia Europe

Weissmies4.023Switzerland Europe

Qurma 4.018Iran Asia

Marcus Baker4.017Alaska North America

Cloud Peak4.017Wyoming North America

Mt Waddington4.017Canada North America

Silverthrone4.015Alaska North America

Geant4.013Italy/France Europe

Wheeler Peak4.012New Mexico North America

Lagginhorn4.010Switzerland Europe

Francs Peak4.006Wyoming North America

Boundary Peak4.006California North America

Ol Doinyo Lesatima 4.001 Kenya Africa

Pasandkouh 4.000Iran Asia

Mt Lyell3.998California North America

Fletschhorn3.996Switzerland Europe

Trunchas Peak3.995New Mexico North America

Mt Dana3.995California North America

La Meije3.983France Europe

Wheeler Peak3.982Nevada North America

Tezerjan3980 Iran Asia

Wilson Peaks3.979Utah North America

Acatenango3.976Guatemala North America

Eiger3.970Switzerland Europe

Grivola3.969Italy Europe

Tochal 3.965Iran Asia

Mt Robson3.954Canada North America

Yu Shan (Jade Mountain)3.952Taiwan Asia

Mt Owens3.946Wyoming North America

Mont Pelvoux3.946France Europe

Kuna3.938California North America

Bietschhorn3.934Switzerland Europe

Kackar Dagi3.932Turkey Europe

Ushkovski3.930Russia Europe

Mt Parker3.921California North America

Roseg3.920Switzerland/Italy Europe

Seytan Bogazi3.917Turkey Europe

Palu3.908Switzerland Europe

Granite Peak3.902Montana North America

Ortler3.902Italy Europe

Mt Gibbs3.891California North America

Hsuih Shan3.884Taiwan Asia

Mt Peal3.878Utah North America

Blacktop3.875California North America

Mont Blanc de Cheilon3.870Switzerland/Italy Europe

Mt Humphreys3.862Arizona North America

Konigs3.859Italy Europe

Borah Peak3.858Idaho North America

La Grande Casse3.855France Europe

Mt Wood3.853California North America

Mirador del Morado3.850Chile South America

Volcan Lanin3.845Argentina/Chile South America

Gerdine3.841Alaska North America

Monviso3.841Italy Europe

Mt Deborah3.823Alaska North America

Volcan de Colima3.820Mexico North America

Dolent3.820Italy/France Europe

Cerro Chirripo3.819Costa Rica North America

Mt Simmons3.812California North America

Kerintji3.809Indonesia Oceania

Carpe3.802Alaska North America

Grossglockner3.797Austria Europe

Mt Erebus3.794Antarctica The Poles

Mt Baldy3.792New Mexico North America

Mt Santa Maria3.789Guatemala North America

Mont Pourri3.779France Europe

Mt Hagen3.778Papua New Guinea Oceania

Fuji San3.776Japan Asia

Wildspitze3.772Austria Europe

Peutery3.772Italy/France Europe

Mt Agassiz3.766Arizona North America

Zufall3.764Italy Europe

Cook3.764New Zealand Oceania

Fuego3.763Guatemala North America

Jabal Hadur3.760Yemen Asia

Mt Waas3.759Utah North America

Mt Adams3.758Washington North America

Demirkazik3.756Turkey Europe

Charbonnel3.752France Europe

Grande Sassiere3.751France Europe

Mt Lewis3.749California North America

Mt Colombia3.748Canada North America

Alvand3.746 Iran Asia

Lam Whoa Shan3.740Taiwan Asia

Weisskugel3.739Austria/Italy Europe

Trout Peak3.733Wyoming North America

Jicarita Peak3.733New Mexico North America

Rinjani3.727Indonesia Oceania

Diamond Peak3.719Idaho North America

Teide3.718Canary Is Europe

Sahand3.712 Iran Asia

Mt Delano3.711Utah North America

Visoke3.711Rwanda/Zaire Africa

Jong Yong Gien Shan3.703Taiwan Asia

Wetterhorn3.701Switzerland Europe

La Dent Parrachee3.697France Europe

Gunnbjorn Fjeld 3.694 Denmark/Greenland Europe

Ibapah Peak3.684Utah North America

Hyndman Peak3.682Idaho North America

Ostri Tolbachik3.682Russia Europe

Fortress Peak3.681Wyoming North America

Semeru3.677Indonesia Oceania

Mt Moriah3.674Nevada North America

Grossvenediger3.674Austria Europe

Les Bans3.669France Europe


Mont Collon3.667Switzerland/Italy Europe

Mt Witherspoon3.665Alaska North America

Blumlisalp3.664Switzerland Europe

La Grand Motte3.653France Europe

Cliarforon3.642Italy Europe

Vioz3.640Italy Europe

Mt Nebo3.637Utah North America

Albaron3.637France Europe

Sabinyo3.634Rwanda/Zaire Africa

Dammastock3.630Switzerland Europe

Forbes Peak3.628Canada North America

Hintere Schwarze3.628Austria/Italy Europe

North Schell3.623Nevada North America

Assiniboine3.619Canada North America

T”di3.614Switzerland Europe

Ronce3.612France Europe

Chida Shan3.605Taiwan Asia

Tsanteleina3.605France/Italy Europe

Castle Peak3.602Idaho North America

Mt Jefferson3.600Nevada North America

Taiyabe Dome (Arc dome)3.590Nevada North America

South Schell3.587Nevada North America

Gallenstock3.583Switzerland Europe

Mt Timpanogos3.582Utah North America

Taft3.577Nevada North America

Grosswiesbachhorn3.565Austria Europe

Peclet3.562France Europe

Presanella3.556Italy Europe

Tronador3.554Argentina/Chile South America

Adamello Peak3.554Italy Europe

Leone3.553Switzerland Europe

Mt Temple3.547Canada North America

Vertain Spitze3.544Italy Europe

Mt Bell3.540Idaho North America

Atitlan3.537Guatemala North America

Polset3.534France Europe

Wazespitze3.533Austria Europe

Currant Peak3.510Nevada North America

Hochfeiler3.510Austria/Italy Europe

Les Aiguilles D'Arves3.510France Europe

Zuckerhutl3.507Austria Europe

Sustenhorn3.503Switzerland Europe

Yasus3.500Ethiopia Africa