Saturday, June 27, 2009

Body Art

Our body is our God given. We must appreciate it as our asset and must protect it from being horm or broken. At the same time we must prevent our body from being expose to others people view. It is a shame to us to display our "Aurat" or "hidden part of the body". Let us look at this art. I want to apologize that my post is not suitable for all people especially who do not like to see this art.

You must feel the art not the body.

Hi, may I make an acquantaince with you?


I'm Superman....opps..look like Darth Vader careful with her because she seem not proper dressed.

Wah..Do i am like a wall...marvellous isn't it?

I'm starving..look my face change to be scare skull.

May I kiss U honey..aammmm...

F.Y.I, there are many pikcar that I would like to share with you all but It seems not suitable because many model is undressed.

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  1. Great collection of body painting. Very creative.


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