Sunday, June 7, 2009

Microsoft Windows Hidden Facts

Nowadays, most of the people do their work using Microsoft Windows and everyone have at least a window at their home. Hehehe. Hm.. I found interesting phenomenon that I think I should share with others.

1. Nobody can create a folder named “Con”.

Try to create anywhere on your hard disk a folder called “Con” (without the quotes). Go to a location on your hard disk, right click, choose “New” and then select “Folder” from the menu that appears. Name the folder “Con” (without quotes) and hit Enter. You’ll see that the folder won’t be named “Con“. It will be “New folder

2. A text file made with Notepad, with the following content : “Bush hid the facts” (without quotes) won’t display the actual text.

Go to Start -> Programs -> Accessories -> Notepad . Write in Notepad the following text : “Bush hid the facts” (without quotes) then Save the file and exit Notepad. Now go to the text file you created and open it. You’ll see that the text you just wrote and save won’t show.

3. Write in Word this : “=rand(200,99)” (without the quotes) and witness the magic.

Open Microsoft Word and on the first line write : “=rand(200,99)” (without the quotes) and hit Enter. Magic in the making.

I try all this thing, and believe it. It is work. try it and i guaranteed you will amaze with this thing.

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  1. interesting! Enjoyed reading your blog. Keep up the good work! Clicked for ya as well ;)


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