Sunday, June 21, 2009

Something Weird About CARROT!!!

According to the World Carrot Museum, (yes, it really does exist!), carrots are the second-most popular vegetable after potato, and the most popular in the UK.

Originally carrots were found in a variety of colours including purple, white, black, yellow and red. Orange carrots did not appear until later on in the 1500's when the Dutch Royal House of Orange was in power and the Dutch decided therefore to breed an orange carrot by using a mutant yellow carrot seed from North Africa. Beta carotene, found in orange carrots is converted in the human body to vitamin A.

Carrot colour can also be affected by other factors such as temperature, soil and light. The strength of the colour can weaken with too much water, less daylight, and being grown inn a temperature outside of 15° - 20°C (70° - 80°F).

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