Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Biggest Egg from The Biggest Creature

This topic like to brought you all to know much better about the biggest Egg. Actually, I will give you the facts about the biggest egg in the world and the biggest creature in the world.
I know if I ask you all about what the biggest egg in the world is .....?

Several people said Ostrich and Emu. But the true fact is:
"The largest eggs known were laid by the now-extinct Aepyornis bird of Madagascar. They were three times as large, in volume, as an ostrich egg.The largest egg in relation to the body is laid by the Kiwi, another flightless bird, which lays eggs that can weigh as much as a third of the entire animal"

For your information, the biggest egg in the world is from the biggest fish in the world. This crature called as Whale Shark (Rhinodon typus). Biggest fish in the world. Whale Shark the largest kind of sharks, and also largest of nowadays living fishes. Whale sharks often grow to 45 feet and 15 tons.Despite the impressive sizes, the whale shark is absolutely safe for the humans, as eats like a whale, exclusively plankton and other small organisms which it filters, involving in itself water.

Their eggs (which are not egg-shaped) can be 14 inches long.But they don´t seem to actually lay the eggs - they hatch inside the mother.I thought the giant squid would perhaps lay giant eggs, but apparently they are about the size of a pea.

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