Monday, June 8, 2009

Advise to all Woman - Denise Richards

LOS ANGELES: Denise Richards's actor reveal that she serves three operation to grow and beautify breast but admitted discouraged with the action.

She also aware that she has do a big mistake. The shocking confession made to Howard Stern's announcer when interviewed with one Radio Satelit Sirius's talk show, yesterday.

In the interview Richards, 38, said her breast only seemed genuine from outside but no inner part.

The actress said, she serves operation at youthful age when slog make a name for in film industry and unformed to decide.

"Then, I 19 years old and see my roommate having beautiful breast. Who tells new finished undergoing surgery bringing up breast and suggest that I doing same thing.

"I still young then and do not know what which good for me, so without prudent I further to do it" she said.

Unfortunately, Richards unlucky because when completed operation, she finds the new breast size unsuitable and too big for her body. "Thus, I do a second operation but again I come to grief when I forgotten to tell the doctor to reduce my breast. The doctor create my breast become more bigger," she said.

So, she forced to do a third operation to seek suitable size and the operation for this time to managed to do it again . "Now I already forget the foolery. It a big mistake. I should be doing more research before making any decision.

"I also wish to advise woman and youth group not to do like me," she said. - Agency

" breast is the most valuable asset that MUST BE preserve i t very well . Furthermore, major disease for womenfolk is from their breast namely Breast's Cancer".

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  1. Dear Haddy,
    Denise Richards is a woman, u should use the pronoun "she" not "he" to refer to this actress!!!!


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