Wednesday, May 27, 2009

World Largest Pencil

Pencil is useful for all human either younger or older. Everyone need a pencil for their routine life. No excuse from using it. Pencil is vital for all and untill they try to make like this...

Who want one? Quickly up your head please!!!!!!!! Actually this mother-of-all writing utensils weighs in at 21,500 lbs and stretches to 76 feet long and it’s a version of the classic No. 2. The huge pencil was built in New York by Ashrita Furman and many talented craftsmen.


  1. kat Malaysia pun ade satu mcm ni. Tapi jenis stabilo. Kalau tak silap kat USJ1 sime industrial park. Kat HQ steadler..ntah tak ingat le brand ape. Satu lagi kat Malaysia ader kerusi terbesar kat furniture mall kat KL seremban highway. If i'm not mistaken lah. Salam ziarah..

  2. ooo yeke ..nanti i survey. Tapi rasa yang tu replika sahaja

  3. membazir je..hihi,,just pandangn..


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