Sunday, May 24, 2009

Legend of Taming Sari Hang Tuah

Few facts and legends of Taming Sari

1. Taming Sari, classified as keris kuasa or bawar, is made of an alloy of 20 metal composites, some said to come from bolts holding Mecca’s Holy Kaabah gates.

2. It was said that Taming Sari could do Hang Tuah’s fighting for him - if Hang Tuah were menaced or in any way endangered, the keris would leap out of its sheath all by itself, fly through the air and attack the assailant, moving in the air whichever way the assailant dodged or turned, until it hit its mark.

3. The whole of the sampir and batang are covered in gold leaf, making it a keris gabus or keris terapang.

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