Sunday, May 31, 2009


Did you know?
  • A cow has four stomaches.
  • Cows spots are like snowflakes there are never two with the same pattern of spots.
  • Hindus worship cows in India. Sacred cows?
  • Evil Cows? In Cow-lumbia the world's murder capital the vilolence has spread to cows. A cow stepped on the trigger of a loaded rifle left by one of the workers and shot another cow in the head!
  • What exactly is a cow some ask. A cow is a mature female of the bovine animals. A male is a bull And a young bovine is a calf.
  • Have you heard of The Mutant Finger Cows
  • 1611 Cows arrive to America brought by pilgrims
  • 1624 Cows reach Jamestown
  • Proof that cows made it to the moon before man
  • Did you know that each day a dairy cows eats:
  • 28 lbs. corn silage, 12.64 lbs alfalfa hay, 8.41 lbs barley, 4.33 lbs wheat bran, 3 lbs beet pulp, 5.5 lbs cottonseed, .75 lb fat, .12 lb salt, .5 lb minerals/vitamins, 255 lbs water (30 gallons) tat's almost a bathtub full
  • Exploding Cows? Operators of feed lots in Iowa faced a new problem eploding cows!! The extreme heat causes gases to rapidly expand in animals shortly after they die of heat-related distress. The cows in most cases explode. You have to pick the cows up right away or you'll have to pick up the peices.
  • A cow weighs 1400 pounds thats like 10-25 times what we weigh
  • Did you know cows are not indigenous to America. Columbus brought some with him on his second voyage. It became a law that each ship had to have one cow for every five people.

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