Friday, May 29, 2009


Top 11 ways to save fuel and save energy in your vehicle.

1) Regularly check the air filter

The key to fuel economy is to use a clean air filter in your vehicle. This is because the air filter which is dirty can restrict the flow of air into the engine which reduces the engine performance and economy. Its not difficult to change and check air filters. Just hold the air filter in front of the sunlight and if you see light is not coming through than you need a new air filter. Its better you use K&N or similar type of air filters which are cleaned rather than changed. They are much better than throwing away paper filters as they are less restrictive and also better for the environment.

2) Regularly keep on checking the tire pressure

People often ignore under inflated-tires which is the real cause of Crummy MPG (measure of fuel efficiency). You must buy a most reliable tire gauge and check the tires when they are cold and try and keep them inflated properly. You need to check the tires when they are cold because the tires get warmed up while driving and thus increasing the pressure.

3) Lower your vehicle speed.

This is already proven that increase in speed of a vehicle decreases fuel economy frequently. Just try and lower your speed and you will certainly save a lot of fuel and your journey will not be longer.

4) Make use of trucks

You have often noticed that in traffic jams vehicles like cars show lot of variation in speed. Sometimes its speed up and slow down immediately. This consumes a lot of fuel and not good for fuel economy. On the other hand a truck tend to move along at the same leisurely pace. This helps in saving fuel. Also a truck uses diesel engine and diesel engines use almost no fuel while idling.

5) Drive smoothly and accelerate with care

When you drive your vehicle smoothly without break up speeds it saves fuel energy and also lower vehicle emissions. Try and accelerate your vehicle slowly not like young kid who plays with the vehicle by jackrabbit starts. Make sure you change gears to higher level at times when your vehicle is at low speed. If you think your car is equipped with overdrive than you should make use of it at the appropriate speeds. Try and avoid sudden starts and stops which consumes lot of fuel. So take care in driving and save fuel and thus save energy protecting environment.

6) Turn back to nature

If you are using air conditioner in your vehicle than shut it down and open the windows and let the fresh air come in. There may be tad warmer but it will certainly save fuel when the speed is quite low. But a higher speed air conditioner may be more efficient. Depending on that you can react accordingly and save your fuel and save bucks.

7) Avoid having to stop.

If approaching a red light, see if you can slow down enough to avoid having to actually stop (because you reach the light after it is green). Speeding up from 5 or 10 miles per hour will be easier on the gas than starting from full stop.

8) Clean out your car

The more weight your car has to haul, the more gas it needs to do the work. If you're the type who takes a leisurely attitude towards car cleanliness -- and I definitely fall into that group -- periodically go through your car and see what can be tossed out or brought into the house. It doesn't take much to acquire an extra 40 or 50 lbs. of stuff.

9) Out with the new, in with the old

Many people keep their old cars around even after they buy a new one. A spare car, especially if it's an econobox, can be good insurance against temporary spikes in gas prices due to world events. The costs of keeping the car may or may not be less then the fuel saved, but it does allow for more predictability in your budget. My old beater doesn't look like much, but it goes 10 miles further on a gallon of gas than our regular car. For that, I can afford to look bad!

10) Don't drive

Not a popular thing to say on a car site, I know, but the fact is that if you can avoid driving, you'll save gas. Take the train, carpool, and consolidate your shopping trips. Walking or biking is good for your wallet and your health. And before you get in your car, always ask yourself: "Is this trip really necessary?"

11) Use Fuel savers

There are many fuel savers coming in the market. You can use E-Biogreen which saves fuel and energy when applied within your vehicle fuel tank.

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