Thursday, May 28, 2009

Few of Amazing House in The World

Every human need a place to stay, even mad man also need a house to stay. There are many amazing building in the world including in Malaysia itself such as Istana Kuala Kangsar, Masjid Ubudiah, Candi Lembah Bujang, KLCC, KLIA and so on. But here i just want to share with you all about a few of amazing houses in the world:

This building is like our historic place called A Famosa at Malacca.Actually it is a house that being build for hiding or protected from bomb or wars. Hehhehe..Just Kidding.

This house indicated that the owner has interested in Jaws film. He put the replica of the shark as a trademark for his house. Believe it!!!

Alien Invaded!!
This being found at one areas that called Secret Garden. This UFO ship has been used as a house for a couple as their permanent house. This mean they are like Fiction Film such a E.T or Koi Mil Gaia.Hahaha

Believe it or not there are such a people like to stay alone in a peak of hill.. But i think it is personal reason to do so. Everyday he can see sunset and dawn from his house.

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