Saturday, May 21, 2011

Long Jack and Tongkat Ali...Apa tu???

Long Jack also known as Tongkat Ali is a species of Simaroubaceae family and also known in Nusantara as Penawar Pahit, Bedara Pahit, Tongkat Baginda, Pasak bumi and Setunjang Bumi.

This kind of herbs is familiar as a sex medicine and can tune back your inner energy. Nowadays, we can see many coffee manufacturer use Long Jack as an ingredient in their coffee product.

There are much theory to select the best Tongkat Ali and I also heard tha
t Tongkat Ali also produced some kind of natural drug (steroid) which make the user who consume Tongkat Ali will gain energy and power to 'sail on night'. So, in my opinion, we must be a good users and also brilliant consumer which must know a few thing about tongkat ali product before we decide to take it as our daily medicine:

1) Investigate whether the manufacturer get a good source which is the original and matured of tongkat ali.

2) know the effect of consuming the product.

3) Usually, Tongkat Ali not harm your body, but the coffee itself which contain caffeine.

4) Must know better about the manufacturer of the product.

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