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Various types of Sushi Terms

Sushi Terms

Sushi related terms and definitions which will help you as a guide to the Japanese dish.

    Aji - Spanish mackerel, horse mackerel.
    Akagai - Red clam or ark shell.
    Akami - Lean tuna, cut from the back of the fish.
    Ama-ebi - Sweet shrimp, usually served raw.
    Baigai - Small water snails.
    Bara sushi - Sushi rice and ingredients mixed together, as a rice salad.
    Basashi - Horse sashimi.
    Biiru - Beer.
    Bulgogi - Korean style marinated beef dish.
    California roll - Crab meat, smelt or flying fish roe, avocado.
    Chirashi-zushi - Bed of sushi rice with other ingredients mixed on top.
    Chutoro medium - Fatty tuna, from the upper belly.
    Chutoro-maki - Marbled tuna roll.
    Daikon - Giant, long white radish.
    Dashi - Basic soup and cooking stock.
    Engawa - Halibut fin muscle. Meat surrounding the scallop muscle.
    Fugu - Blowfish. It is toxic if improperly prepared!
    Fugu-chiri - Cooked, sliced raw fugu meat in a stewpan. Also blowfish soup.
    Fukusa sushi - Type of sushi which is wrapped in a crepe.
    Futo maki - Fat roll filled with rice, sweetened cooked egg, pickled gourd, and bits of vegetables.
    Gunkan maki - Battleship roll, an alternate name for kakomi sushi.
    Hamachi - Young yellowtail.
    Hamaguri - Clam.
    Harusame - Thin, transparent bean gelatin noodles.
    Hashi - Chopsticks.
    Hatahata - Sandfish.
    Hikari-mono - Fish sliced for serving with the silver fish skin left on.
    Hotatagai - Scallops.
    Ika - Squid.
    Ikura - Salmon roe.
    Ishikari-nabe - Salmon stew with sake.
    Iwashi - Sardine.
    Kakomi sushi - Nigiri sushi wrapped to hold in less solid ingredients. Also called gunkan maki (battleship roll) and funamori (boat wrap).
    Kamaboko - Fish cake made from pounded whitefish mixed with cornstarch, formed into a sausage shape and cooked.
    Kappa - Cucumber, when used in a sushi roll.
    Karei - Flounder, flatfish.
    Kurodai - Snapper.
    Kuruma-ebi - Prawn.
    Maguro - Tuna. Also akami, tekka, toro.
    Mekajiki - Blue marlin or swordfish.
    Meshimono - Rice mixed with meat or vegetables.
    Mochi - Sweet glutinous rice cakes.
    Murasaki - Sushi bar term for soy sauce.
    Nama-tako - Fresh or raw octopus.
    Negitoro maki - Scallion-and-tuna roll.
    Nigiri-zushi - Fish, shellfish, or fish roe over vinegared rice balls. <>

Sushi is a healthy food, Japanese gourmet dish.

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