Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tips to prevent stomach pain

Stomach Pain

Stomach pain can occur commonly due to indigestion, acidity, menstrual cramps etc. Some women suffer pain after delivery.

For pain due to indigestion the following remedies are useful

  • A mixture of nutmeg (optional), ginger juice and lime juice helps to control pain due to indigestion.
  • A mixture of black tea with lime juice

For Acidity

  • Boil fried cumin in a cup of a water for some time, strain and have the liquid.
  • Chew a few coriander seeds and swallow its juice.

For pain after delivery

  • Make a chutney with small onions, green chilies, salt and 2-3 pieces of cocum (Kudum Puli) and have it for some days soon after delivery.

For menstrual cramps

  • Taking care of your food habits during your periods can help a lot
  • Reduce salt, sweet and spicy consumption
  • Intake of a lot of food at one stretch should be avoided.
  • It helps to avoid intake of tea , coffee, coke, chocolate, cold water etc during this time. Lemonade,herbal tea etc works better.
  • After food, take vitamin B and Calcium supplements. This helps to reduce the pain.
  • Have fish, chicken, vegetables and fruits along with rice
  • Bathe in warm water
  • Keep a bottle of warm water above the stomach for some time.
  • It helps to do simple exercises (in yoga) in the days before you get your periods.
  • Take pain killers only after food or along with milk. Avoid having them on empty stomach.
  • Intake of Dates everyday helps to solve problems during periods.

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