Sunday, July 19, 2009

8 Coolest Mugs and Cups

1. One/Off Mug
Created with heat sensitive pigment, at first glance the On/Off Mug($27.00), looks like a standard black mug with big white letters that say "OFF". Nothing fancy, but once you add the hot beverage of your choice, the mug changes color to white and in big black letters it states: "ON".

2.Drink Selector Mug

Tired of telling people how you like your tea or coffee? Twist rings on your Drink Selector Mug ($22.75) to reveal your choice of drink and your milk and sugar preferences

3.Gun Mug
Sick and tired of high design constantly cast as sensitive and wimpy? Then kill a little time with this clever Gun Mug ($14.99) that replaces the boringoffice cubicle mug by a gold plated trigger custom made mug.

4. My Cuppa Coffee

My Cuppa Coffee ($18.95) helps you mix your drink to the perfect consistency, based on the color-coded guide inside. Options include everything from a straightforward “milky” to an extra-strong “builder’s brew” .

5. Darth Vader Mug
Let the Dark Lord of the Sith watch over your coffee with your Darth Vader Mug ($16.99).

6. 2 Carat Cup
If you’re hoping the next Valentine’s Day will give you something to look at on your ring finger, but aren’t sure your significant other is completely aware of this, say it with this 2-Carat Cup ($15.00). The Swarovski crystal ring comes in gold or silver, and will serve as a constant reminder of what you may have your heart set on for next February 14th.

7. Equal Measure Cup
View your measurements in a surprising new light - next time you make brownies, use a tyrannosaur's brain of flour, or sugar equal to the water in a cumulus cloud the size of a bus. The Equal Measure Cup ($11.49) is half measuring cup, half laboratory beaker, and all fun.

8. Skull Coffee Mug
Start your gothic, evil morning routine off right with this Skull Coffee Mug ($9.95). Standing 4 inches tall, 4 inches deep and 3 1/2 inches wide (5 inches including the bone shaped handle), this mug holds 8 ounces of your favorite hot or cold beverage. It is hand-glazed, and no two mugs are exactly the same.

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