Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tips How To Prevent Being Jealous

If there is one way to get a girl's attention, it's to make her jealous. Jealous girls are putty in your hands. You can begin to date them or get back together with them after a break up. There is something so competitive in a the female psyche, especially when it comes to men. When a girl feels her territory is being threatened, she craves whatever it is that she can no longer have. Sometimes getting the girl of your dreams is as simple as making her jealous.

1. Stop calling her. If you have her mobile phone number and you call her with any frequency, stop. Don't even text or email her. If you want her to come to a get together, have a friend contact her in your place. Cut her off cold turkey and she'll wonder what's wrong.

2. Talk to other girls in her eyeshot. Make sure you are at places you know she will be. When she shows up, make sure there are other girls around you. In fact, buy a girl a drink in front of her.

3. Laugh a lot when you are talking to other girls. Look like you are having a good time and couldn't care less where she is located. Playfully put your arm around another girl's shoulders or give another girl a hug. This flirting would drive any girl to jealousy.

4. Keep your eyes off of her. Don't look in her direction while she is there. If she sees you glancing back at her every couple of minutes she'll know you are just trying to make her jealous. You literally want her to believe you are having a great time and the last thing on your mind is her.

5. Give her a slight nod when you leave. When you leave the bar or establishment, make sure you give her slight acknowledgment. This way she knows that you saw her, but still didn't care what she was doing. If you completely ignore her, she'll think you are doing it on purpose

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